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About CSPC

CSPC’s Mission:

  • Promote leadership in the Presidency and the Congress to generate innovative solutions to current national challenge
  • Preserve the historic memory of the Presidency by identifying the lessons from the successes and failures of such leadership
  • Draw on a wide range of talent to offer ways to better organize an increasingly compartmentalized Federal Government
  • Educate and inspire the next generation of America’s leaders to incorporate civility, inclusiveness, and character into their public and private lives and discourse.

CSPC’s Methodologies:

  • Bring representatives of the Executive and Legislative branches together to address compartmentalization and bridge disconnects. Marshalling the best talent to solve problems, regardless of political affiliation, will strengthen the effectiveness of government with inclusiveness and civility. See Civility and Inclusive Leadership and Declaration on Civility and Inclusive Leadership for more information.
  • Marshal a wide range of voices and talents – new and well-known, from both in and outside of Washington, including think tanks, universities, laboratories and NGOs – by drawing on larger institutions that conduct in-depth research on a wide array of policy programs. CSPC acts as a catalyst by defining issues and mobilizing experts around a strategic focus. See What We Do for a more detailed examination.
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